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Lloyd is a great American success story.

He was raised in Holly Hill orphanage in Campbell County where he lived in the boy's cottage. He married Blanche who lived in the girl's cottage. They have remained married ever since. They have two sons, Kenneth and Dennis.

Lloyd served nine years in the Navy and Naval Reserves where he saw combat. After returning from duty he went to work for Cincinnati Bell where he retired as a supervisor. After retiring from the phone company he ran for Campbell County Judge Executive and won. He served four years. He was known for his relentless pursuit of smaller, more efficient government. His record is nothing short of amazing. 

  • Led a coalition of county leaders and took on the EPA - ENDED TAILPIPE TESTING.
  • Ended the OKI Area Planning Tax for Campbell County.
  • Ended the Special Road Tax for Campbell County.
  • Ended the Recreational Tax for Campbell County.
  • Reduced the size of government from 145 to 95 employees with only one person laid off.
  • Left office with a $600,000 budget surplus.

Following his time in office Lloyd went to work for the Kentucky Department of Transportation. He was hired in as an Engineering Tech, but soon became an invaluable part of the legal team where he worked on preparing court cases over eminent domain, public right-of-way, and testifying when necessary.

Lloyd was an Alexandria City Councilman.

Lloyd was the Legislative Officer and Chaplain for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

Lloyd holds a patent on computer error correction technology.

Lloyd is the author of three books. One of these books, "The Campaign Guide To Winning" is a collector's item. Politicians from all over the country have used this book to get elected. Lloyd has received hundreds of letters from politicians thanking him.

Lloyd has been a main character in a best selling book by Phil Kerpen called, "Democracy Denied." This is the story of how Lloyd came up with the idea for the REINS Act, and how it became the centerpiece legislation for the Republican Party.

Lloyd has been the subject of articles in "The Weekly Standard," and even appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine. The Rolling Stone article was meant to be a left-wing smear piece on Kentuckians, but you could tell the author liked Lloyd.

"Personalitywise, he's what you might call a pistol." –Matt Tablei, Rolling Stone

Lloyd was the Campbell County campaign chairman for Congressman Thomas Massie and Senator Rand Paul. Following Thomas Massie's election, Lloyd became his Director of Veteran Affairs where he served for five years. Most people do not know that Senator Paul campaigned in Campbell County by riding around in Lloyd's truck as Lloyd introduced him around to his friends. They remain good friends. 

Interwoven with this story of incredible perseverance and accomplishment lies a good husband and good father. He was his son's Little League coach. They enjoyed the Soap Box Derby together. He taught his sons woodworking and leather working. He even taught them how to survey property.  

Behind every good man is good woman. His lifelong love, Blanche, has been by his side throughout his entire life. As children they grew up in the orphanage together. As adults they have been married for over 50 years. Lloyd refers to his wife as Mrs. Wonderful. If you have ever met her, you'll see why. She possesses one the most magnetic personalities you will ever come across.

Lloyd told Phil Kerpen that, "If there's nothing else anybody can say about you when you die, they can write on your tombstone that you were honest." In another interview, Lloyd was asked how he wants to be remembered. After pausing for a bit he said, "As a good husband and father."

Lloyd is writing the next chapter in his life where he will bring his extensive experience at the city, county, state, and federal level to work for Campbell County's citizens. Lloyd has spent his whole life in Campbell County. It is the only home he has ever known.

For his dedicated service to Campbell County, State Representative Joe Fischer named a road in Campbell County "Lloyd Rogers Highway."



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