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Campbell County is the highest taxed county in the state of Kentucky according to smart asset. This is an independent analysis, not an analysis by current elected officials. When this information was raised at the Fiscal Court meeting, our elected officials were completely unaware that this was the case. We can do much better.

Please read my "About Lloyd" page to see my record on cutting taxes and the size of government. Remember, it is your money.

Sanctuary County

In 2016 Campbell County was listed as one of four sanctuary counties in the State of Kentucky. This occurred because our elected officials either forgot to fill out the paperwork, or filled it out incorrectly. When this information was raised at the Fiscal Court meeting, our elected officials were completely unaware that this was the case. We can do much better.

Rain Tax

The Fiscal Court appoints bureaucrats to serve on boards. These unelected bureaucrats signed a consent decree agreement with the Federal Government that gave Campbell County the disastrous Rain Tax. One of the only things that is free in this world is rain. It literally falls from the sky. Campbell County figured a way to tax the rain. We can do much better.

When the EPA mandated tailpipe testing on Campbell County, I formed a coalition of county leaders from the Greater Cincinnati area to go to Washington DC. I remember sitting with the EPA Administrator and explaining to him that taxing Campbell County for the pollution sins of Ohio was unconstitutional. He looked over at his lawyer who was shaking his head Yes. Tailpipe testing ended that day in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

See how that works?

When the Federal Government mandated an unfair tailpipe tax on Campbell County I organized a group of county leaders and went to Washington DC and stopped it. Under our current administration they appointed bureaucrats who approved it, then they partially fixed the problem they caused and told you what a bang up job they were doing. 

See the difference?


Campbell County is not spinning off enough high paying jobs. We need to be much more energetic in encouraging companies to relocate to Campbell County. Northern Kentucky University has to do its part by spinning off jobs for the 21st century. This will require a team effort between the cities, the county, the state, and the federal government. I am the only person in this race who has experience at all four levels of government.  


We will absolutely take care of our veterans. I am the only person in my race who is an honorably discharged combat veteran.

Other candidates will promise you anything and everything, but when it comes time to act they get scared. They freeze up. They say they will fight for you, but I am the only person who has actually fought for you. If you think after being in combat that I am afraid of the press or the special interests, you are sorely mistaken. I will fight for you, and I will win for you.

Free Government Needles

I do not support the government giving out free needles to heroin addicts. It sends the wrong message to our children. There is conflicting information on whether or not it is effective. I certainly did not support locating a needle exchange in downtown Newport. Newport has voted to locate the needle exchange at St. Elizabeth Hospital. We need to have independent verification that this program is effective. They cannot monitor themselves. 

I support intervention and treatment, not enablement. I choose life. 

Choose Life


The safest place for a baby is in their mother's womb. That baby has a unique DNA and is a unique human being. I choose life.

You grow up and go to school. We need serious solutions for school shootings. If someone sees something we will do something, even if I have to do it myself. I choose life.

Should you get hooked on opioids, I do not give you free needles to enable your drug habit and maybe death. I choose intervention and I choose life. 

Perhaps you are pregnant and are considering abortion. Please do not kill your baby. Many people are looking to adopt. I choose life.

I support the counseling of children on the horror of abortion. I choose life.

You are retired and on a fixed income and pursuing your happiness. High taxes hurt your pursuit of happiness. I choose low taxes and I choose life. 

Everyone struggles at some point. There could be sickness and pain. Please do not choose suicide or assisted suicide. I choose life. 


"I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now, choose life, so that you and your children may live."   –Deuteronomy 30:19

 Lloyd Rogers has been endorsed by the Northern Kentucky Right To Life 2018.






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