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May 11, 2018


The Henry Hosea House


Fort Thomas resident, David Hosea, President and owner of Hosea Office and Industrial Corporation, happened to see a flyer put out by his old friend Lloyd Rogers explaining that

The Henry Hosea HouseThe Henry Hosea House
901 York St., Newport
CHOOSE LIFE”was in reference to a quote from the Declaration of Independence; “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. David asked Lloyd to meet him at The Henry Hosea House in Newport, and he would show him “happiness without hunger.” 

The Henry Hosea House is a homeless center established by David in memory of his late father, Henry. The food kitchen serves 150 to 200 meals per day. Other needs such as toilet paper, soap, and even Christmas gifts for needy kids are all handled by The Henry Hosea House.

Lloyd took the tour and was extremely impressed. Lloyd told David that it reminded him of when he and his wife, Blanche, were growing up in the Campbell County Orphan’s Home atop the South Newport hill. As a kid both Lloyd and Blanche had to rely on the kindness of others for food and shelter in order to survive.

Lloyd Rogers and David Hosea mix a cakeLloyd Rogers and David Hosea mix a cake for supper.
Blanche has donated her time serving others at the Hosea House. 

David Hosea is a treasure both nationally and for our county, said Lloyd. Not only is he a wildly successful businessman who has a global business in Campbell County, but he is perhaps our leading philanthropist. David was the driving force in the construction of the Peace Bell in Newport. His latest project is rescuing churches that are struggling to survive. 

David left Lloyd in the kitchen as he was off to Italy for business. That’s David, said Lloyd. David is a super high energy, altruistic guy, almost humble to a fault. I wish everyone could know my good friend like I do. America needs more people like David Hosea, said Lloyd with a smile.


Folks enjoying a meal at The Hosea House

Our County needs to help David with The Henry Hosea House. If you would like to donate your time or money you can do so through their website or by calling.


The Henry Hosea House: (859) 261-5857



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